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With its 3 million vehicles sold during the first half of 2021, the used car market is in full swing despite the health crisis. But who are the second-hand stars in France this year? Discover, without further delay, the top 10 used cars of 2021!

What is the trend in the second-hand market?

2021 is a bullish year for the used car market , in the first half there were already more than 3 million new registrations. If you also want to get started, here are the top-selling models.

Although there are some surprises, we find the most popular models new: Renault Capture, Renault Clio, the Peugeot 208 and 308, the Golf from Volkswagen or the C3 from Citroën.

How to buy and finance a used car?

The question of financing is a crucial point when you are about to buy a car. Here are the main financing possibilities that exist:

Cash purchase

If you have the necessary budget, it may be worth buying your used car for cash. Indeed, taking out a loan will generate interest and therefore additional costs to be paid.

The cash purchase is only interesting for second-hand vehicles because the sums involved are lower than for the new one and that the second-hand vehicles have already experienced the discount compared to the price of the new one, it is generally 25 %.

Buying on credit

A credit commits you and must be repaid! You know the formula. This is why, before taking out a consumer credit, or an assigned credit. You need to measure the impact this is going to have on your finances. It will therefore be necessary to calculate the monthly payments and add the costs of operation and registration of the car.

This solution is particularly interesting for heavy riders or people who need a vehicle quickly. We advise you to take out an assigned credit, because it will allow you to retract if you do not buy the car.

Lease with option to buy

Also called LOA or leasing, rental with option to buy allows you to drive a used or new car in return for the payment of a fixed monthly rent. The amount varies according to the initial price of the vehicle, the duration of the contract, the mileage of the car and of course the initial contribution.

If the LOA on new cars can represent significant costs, it is much more interesting on used vehicles.

In addition, the rental with option to buy is reassuring since very often the service providers offer a mechanical guarantee and/or the maintenance of the vehicle for a controlled budget.

This is for example the case of the site leader of the LOA on second-hand vehicles.

The lease term is usually 2 to 6 years. On the due date, you have the option of buying the car at a pre-agreed price, which is the difference with the LLD (long-term rental) or renting a new car. The LOA is therefore particularly appreciated by drivers wishing to take advantage of high-end vehicles and services that are not offered in a conventional loan.

Where to buy a used car?

There are many websites that offer second-hand vehicles between individuals, which testifies to the general public’s interest in this type of site.

An extremely extensive offer in terms of models and prices

A valuable time saver once you know what you want

Ability to compare prices in minutes

The negative points :

Very little control over the seller

Lots of frauds and scams

The 10 used cars of 2021!

1. The Renault Clio

In terms of figures, no less than 210,000 copies were sold in the first half of 2021, which ranks it well above its competitors.

2. The Citroen C3

More recent than the Renault Clio, the Citroën C3 nevertheless already has three generations. It’s the all-purpose city car that suits both young drivers and families. Low fuel consumption, Puretech engine and complete on-board computer…

No wonder the Citroën C3 and its 90,000 sales ranks second in the used car ranking!

3. The Volkswagen Golf

We are now interested in German compacts with the Volkswagen Golf, which is on the contrary far from the top 10 for new vehicles in France. Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric, the Volkswagen Golf offers a wide range of used cars.

The Trendline and Confortline finishes are the most advanced, offering Bluetooth, manual air conditioning, cruise control, touch screen and many other on-board technologies.

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