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Thinking of getting a  bike license? Your brother encourages you, your aunt raises her hands, so you continue to hesitate? Here are 8 reasons why you should pass your driving test, buy a motorcycle and become a biker.

Riding a bike  will give you a lot of fun and make you addicted from the first time

Once you get on a motorcycle, put it in motion and learn what it can do, you probably won’t be able to part with it, like the characters in the documentary “Why we ride”. From your first ride, you’ll have an experience that hundreds of other riders are addicted to. Where does the power of the motorcycle hobby come from, so much so that in a short time it can become a whole life for you? “It’s about cutting himself off from his problems. I leave everything at home. We get on the bike and all that matters is him, the trip and us. Nothing else.” – “By putting on a helmet, turning the key in the ignition and starting the motorcycle, I find myself in another world. Even riding a small displacement motorcycle brings me joy, adrenaline and if you are looking for a way to break from the routine every once in a while, become a motorcyclist. If you want to treat yourself to a little controlled madness, then by all means and as soon as possible, “become a biker“. adrenaline and if you are looking for a way to break from the routine every once in a while, become a motorcyclist. If you want to treat yourself to a little controlled madness, then by all means and as soon as possible, become a biker.

You will meet valuable, positive and passionate people

As soon as you embark on the adventure of motorcycling, you will discover that motorcycles are ridden by people representing literally the whole spectrum of our society: young people between the ages of 20 and 70. Men and – more and more often and boldly – women. Representatives of various professions. However, a common passion, especially such a fascinating passion and giving so many electrifying impressions, brings people together exceptionally. This is why motorcyclists and motorcyclists respect each other more than motorists, are helpful and extremely friendly to each other.

These friendly, open-minded people full of positive energy make you want to make new friends. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s easy – become a motorcyclist! And join one of the many facebook groups bringing together motorcycle enthusiasts. Visit one of the motorcycle forums and you will meet real enthusiasts who are ready to share their experiences in the saddle. They organize rides and take part in numerous bike gatherings. You can also accompany them on a trip to the four corners of the world.

There are more and more women bike

Until recently, the sight of a woman’s ponytail sticking out from under a motorcycle helmet was rare in France and aroused surprise, even disbelief. To be fair, the motorcycle world was dominated by men. In recent years, however, these proportions have changed. If motorcyclists are always more numerous, women are more and more numerous every year. They ride motorcycles without complex and, above all, they do very well! They even create their own biker clubs. One of the first is the Queens of Roads, an all-female club established in 2008. Motorcycling portals created and edited by women are very popular. You will find many interesting articles there, among others on piloting techniques, lifestyle, motorcycle clothing and accessories. There are also interesting interviews, reports, reports from women’s rallies and other events, as well as advice texts and reviews of motorcycle equipment.

As a bike you can help people in need

Motorcyclists are undoubtedly people with big hearts. Their participation in various charity events is proof of this. It is on the initiative of bikers that the annual national blood donation campaign has been taking place since 2009. More than 18,000 liters of blood were collected during the 6 editions. The organizers also want the campaign to help reduce the number of victims of road accidents. Everyone who participates learns how to drive safely and the principles of first aid.

As a motorcyclist, you can enjoy riding while helping others.

You have probably come across the lingering opinion in our society that motorcyclists are crazy and dangerous people on the road. Chances are that once you pass your exam and start riding a motorcycle, you will help improve the image of motorcyclists. Why ? Because you are a woman. And no, it’s not just about feminine beauty, it’s also about how you ride. “We women ride differently than men,” says one biker. “We are more careful behind the wheel. Like men, we like speed, but not at any price.” Women are not lacking in fantasy, but they are more responsible.

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