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Going on vacation, weekend or temporarily replacing your vehicle often requires renting a car. You still have to differentiate between the many offers and agencies as well as the little subtleties that will make your vehicle rental a success.

Define your needs

Before any approach, it is essential to evaluate several criteria. Would you like a city car or a family model? Do you know the kilometers of the journeys you are going to make? Are you going to rent your vehicle abroad? How many drivers will be driving during your rental?

All these questions seem superfluous and yet they will help you to better choose your rental contract. As for the size of the vehicle, just base yourself on the number of occupants. Thus, a small sedan can be more than enough for 3 or 4 people if you don’t have a lot of luggage or childcare equipment to take. Most rental agencies will offer you mileage packages. It is therefore a good time to calculate a range of kilometers since exceeding kilometers will very quickly increase your bill when the vehicle is returned.

A little tip during your search: insurance is included in the rental price. However, I recommend that you check in your contract the guarantees covered and in particular the deductibles in the event of damage which will remain your responsibility. You can look to Liligo if you are looking for more information on car rental.

Finally, some agencies offer unbeatable prices. I invite you all the same to check all the conditions because some can reduce your bill depending on the age of the driver or simply with low mileage.

Where to rent your car?

The Internet is your friend and this is all the more true for online agencies. The interfaces are studied to offer you a price including all your criteria. More and more supermarkets, airports or train stations are also offering attractive prices. This option is all the more practical as you find your vehicle in the nearby car park.

If you want to rent a vehicle to go to work or training, solidarity rental agencies offer vehicles at very low rates. Check with your department or the social service of your municipality to find out about the agencies nearby.

My preference is directed towards online agencies which very often offer promotions, online appointments and free cancellation. In addition, the earlier you reserve your vehicle, the lower the rates.

Car rental between individuals is also possible. It is still necessary to be sure to be able to benefit from the same services as in an agency in the event of glitches on the road.

My little tips car rental

The key to the success of your car rental is in a few points. First, I recommend that you reserve your car for a higher number of kilometers than expected. Works, an impromptu visit or even diversions can easily add several tens of kilometers to your journeys.

Remember to gather all the necessary papers for your rental. As a general rule, a driver’s license, an identity document and a bank card are required. Check the ceiling of your credit card since the deposit can amount to several hundred euros.

Finally, it is essential to make an inventory of the vehicle before you use it. Go around the bodywork, quickly check the condition of the tires and the windows. In principle, a full tank of fuel must be filled before the rental and the internal equipment such as the navigation system, air conditioning, steering wheel controls and radio must be working. Take photos with date in case your rental is done in a dematerialized way for security.

As you will have understood, vigilance is essential when renting a car. Some research is necessary beforehand but gives you peace of mind when using your vehicle.

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