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Auto insurance , depending in particular on the model of car for which one has opted, but also on many criteria which vary from one insured to another, can quickly become an important financial investment. There are, however, various tricks to ensure that the costs relating to the monthly payments of the insurance are more interesting for our bank account. Discover in the following article different ways to access cheaper insurance without losing quality.

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Why lower the price of your auto insurance?

If the costs related to car insurance must be paid month after month, it is important to keep in mind that they are not immutable and that it may be wise to review, with his insurer, the services and guarantees that justify such a cost.

Each insured has the possibility of revising his insurance , why deprive himself of it? What’s more, for the sake of savings, car insurance alone is a particularly important lever.

By reviewing your insurance contract, you will have the possibility of removing certain options which prove to be not so useful as that, or on the contrary, adding others which will bring you more peace of mind. You can extend your coverage, or simply choose another one according to your needs.

What can you negotiate in your car insurance contract?

There are several parameters on which it is possible to negotiate with your insurer, so that the latter can offer us more attractive rates:

you can thus discuss the deductible , which you must pay in the event of an accident at fault or without identified fault, for example

you also have the possibility of reconsidering the amounts of the auto insurance compensation ceilings

auto insurance waiting periods , which represent the period between the signing of a contract and the application of guarantees, can also be renegotiated

disclaimers of warranties . The latter correspond to everything that is not covered by your insurance.

How to lower the price of your auto insurance?

The category of vehicle you own is the first element that is taken into account in insurance pricing. The more powerful the vehicle and the more fuel it consumes, the higher the insurance will be. This is a first lever on which it is possible to act to lower the price of car insurance  : opt for a vehicle equipped with a less powerful engine if you do not need to drive a lot during this year.

Also remember to adapt your cover to the use you make of your vehicle , especially if it is rather occasional.

Do not hesitate in the same logic to part with certain guarantees that do not correspond to your driving habits . Choosing third-party insurance rather than all-risk insurance is also a good way to save money when you are a small driver, senior or owner of a 4 or 5-year-old car, for example.

To save money, you can also consolidate all your insurance contracts into a single document . Several companies are specialized in this field in order to save you precious time. No need to refer to all your contracts: one is enough to help you find your way around. In addition, some insurers can offer you preferential rates if you take out several insurance policies with them.

How to renegotiate the price of your car contract with your insurer?

Throughout the year, and for the duration of your insurance contract, you have the possibility of renegotiating your car contract with your insurer. All you have to do is contact him by mail or make an appointment at an agency .

To do this, we advise you to compare your current car insurance with other insurance contracts in order to find the offer that suits you, according to your expectations and your budget. This will give you arguments during the renegotiation.

If none of this works, you have the option of terminating your contract after one year of subscription thanks to the Hamon Law . A simple letter is enough to make the request: find all our models of termination letters  to help you.

Can the price of young driver insurance be lowered?

Young drivers are part of the population groups considered to be the most at risk by insurance companies, which is why the cost of their contract is often higher.

Accompanied driving before the license is highly appreciated by insurers. It has the advantage of giving the experience of driving, which reduces the risk of loss in the eyes of insurers.

It is also possible to install a connected box in the car , which will collect various data while driving, and assign a score. If the latter is good, you can benefit from a reduction of up to 40% of the total cost .

if having a vehicle for the young driver is not an absolute necessity, it is best to register him as  a secondary driver  on the insurance contract of an experienced relative. The young driver will thus be able to drive in complete safety while gaining experience without paying a high price.

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