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Whatever your type of trip, we believe that a certain number of accessories can be essential (more or less) to have in your vehicle.

Here is a selection of essential accessories.

Keep your car clean with these accessories, from cloth to detailer spray.

1.  Cleaning wipes

It can happen that liquids leak in your car, especially if you are traveling with children. To protect your seats and other surfaces from residue, have a packet of disposable wipes on hand to quickly limit traces of liquids on surfaces.

Some wipes smell great and clean up quickly, so your car stays clean and smells great. You can also keep wipes specially designed for the car dashboard, in order to keep the plastics clean and free of dust.

2.  A good air freshener

No one likes riding in a smelly car, so treat yourself to always have a car that smells good. From the magic tree to the air vent air freshener, it’s up to you to choose the format and the scent you like. Remember to ventilate your car.

3 . Illuminating shine spray

Having a bottle of detailing product that can bring a flash shine (in the quick sense) to your interior is a good choice. This spray product is simple and guarantees a flawless finish no matter where you are.

4.  Car trash can

If you spend time on the road, you may accumulate a lot of waste and it can go quickly, papers, a bottle, etc. that can end up under the front seat and in the empty pockets.

To keep a car cabin clean, you can purchase a car trash can. Some are fixed or positioned in the cup holder.

5. Disposable shoe covers

If you walk your dog on grass, near mud, in nature, etc. you know that by setting foot in your car you will create traces, at least on your car mats. To save you cleaning time, keep a box of disposable shoe covers with you, you won’t regret it!

6.  Glass wipe

To avoid the ugly reflections of the sun on the windows and windshield, you can have glass cleaning wipes available. For 100% safe driving and getting rid of dirt, dust and fingerprints, it’s the easiest and fastest way.

7 . Anti-fog cloth

To quickly remove condensation from internal surfaces on cold mornings, use a natural anti-fog pad. These convenient microfiber cloths quickly remove moisture while keeping windows clean and smudge-free. Essential in winter.

8.  car vacuum cleaner

We’re not going to lie to each other, car vacuum cleaners are not yet powerful enough for impeccable detailing work, BUT they allow you to clean up and remove dust, crumbs, small stones, etc. easily. Technical advances in car vacuum cleaners have been significant in recent years.

We like the Black & Decker Dustbuster car vacuum that plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

9.  Soft cloth (for cleaning under the hood)

Whether it’s checking the oil or other levels, there are plenty of little jobs to do under the hood that require a good old rag. So be sure to keep one in your car, in case you ever have to wipe oil off your hands or spilled gas.

10.  Your car manual

What is that warning light that just came on? What level of pressure should I have in the tyres? What is the maximum load weight?

Your car’s manual will answer all of these questions and more, providing clear and precise explanations of your questions and concerns about your car.

11.  Battery charging cables

Having the famous red and black cables in your car in the event of a flat battery can save you the day. Provided you find another motorist who is willing to help you.

Battery going flat is one of the most common failures, hence the importance of having battery charging terminals in your car.

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